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My name is Marie-Louise and 21 years ago I started my entreprise at ’t Zonnetje retail shop inspired by the social sphere and lifestyle around tea and coffee. From a young age I always loved  the scent of hot coffee and tea, the colours and holistic properties of herbs such as chamomile or lavendel. In the end of the years 90’s a friend brought to my attention that  a beautiful tea and coffee antic store was for sale in the famous Jordaan  at the center of Amsterdam.  In 2000 I took over the business from Sir Lassing a former tea commissioner  who provided mentoring and support during the first few years I begun in the business.


I started my retail business adventure selling standard Arabica coffee beans  while also specialising in specific items sales to prepare coffee and tea beverages such as percolators, cafetières, thermos, the finest tea pots from Guy Degrenne. Over the years I designed my store inside as a home which is entirely furnished of comfortable chairs, a large wooden table where customers are welcome to try drink a cup of eco bio coffee or tea. I enjoy these social moments with my customers from which are filled with friendly conversations. After a few years the neighbourhood landscape and coffee culture changed and so did the customer demand. I gradually modified the range of available products to fair trade Coffee beans and Tea herbs. I created fine and healthy mixes of tea herbs suitable for each season of the year and occasions.


Recently developing a digital presence for ’t Zonnetje on social media’s, recommendation sites and search web engines . People come from afar during the high touristic season to discover our products and a digital presence is nowadays a fine additional experience for the customers, to establish and maintain a connection at distance. An authentic added value to the customer experience at ’t Zonnetje Amsterdam.


It took years of knowledge to get expertise in the tea and coffee trade culture, to build a team of experts and great partners. Coming out of passion for coffee, tea and the finest  people connections I have made during the last two decades. Our physical store is located in one of Amsterdam’s most popular area at walking distance from the city’s central station. The charm of the Jordaan canals and West islands will enhance  the shopping experience in our area which has been rewarded multiples years in a row best commercial street of Amsterdam by the city council.


Both  physically or digitally you have the wonderful opportunity to discover our finest coffee and tea ranges, and you can repeat the experience easily by taking a subscription membership on ’t zonnetje.com.


Sunny greetings from Amsterdam,


   120 Years of Fine Tea, Coffees and Herbs   

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